Ustronie Morskie

Ustronie Morskie assisted with the typical beach and the cliff is quite old and is now the largest seaside resort of Kolobrzeg circle. Center of the resort is the beach promenade with many stalls and small shops. Here visitors will find numerous recreational activities around the year.The twenties were characterized in that sense that Ustronie Morskie (german Henkenhagen) climb into the top league of the seaside resorts. It was fashionable to spend the summer in Henkenhagen and the Sol and hot sea baths were very busy. The beach and the dunes Castle Hotel, House and Villa Gertrude Elizabeth and many other guesthouses attracted tourists from the Berlin area but also from the Rhineland and Bavaria. In 1939 in the reporting directories 1681 permanent residents were registered living in more than 400 households.Today Ustronie Morskie is one of the most popular seaside resorts in Western Pomerania. Many hotels, pensions and private rooms offer a holiday for everyone. And not just in the summer, as many holiday providers are open all year. Ustronie Morskie has a pier and a dock for Fischer. Community Ustronie Morskie is one of the smallest municipalities in Western Pomerania. She is only 57 km wide and flat as a pancake. Except Ustronie Morskie (Henkenhagen) belong to the municipality of Kolberger forest, the places Sianozety, Bagicz and some small villages south of the busy main road.